ML6600 – high-power laser system with multi-wavelength support

 Bernard Azout

Key features:

ML6600 laser system has 1-3 receptacle laser outputs. The control, cooling and driver are integrated, and the control supports both analog and digital modes.

• Wavelengths: 400–2000 nm
• Power range: up to 120 W, depending on the wavelength




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ML6600 is a small plug-and-play laser system with up to 3 lasers of different wavelengths built-in. ML6600 is designed for users that don’t have time or interest for all the complexity with drivers, cooling, power supplies, etc. Just unbox it, and take into use! When ordering, you may request 1–3 wavelengths from the wavelength range 400–2000 nm.

The laser light output comes conveniently from a receptacle fiber with a standard SMA-905 connector.
ML6600 comes with a PC software with elegant graphic UI, or alternatively it can be directly controlled by analog and digital control signals. Therefore it’s also suitable for the needs of system integrators.



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