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ILAO STAR – ELI-NP’s choice to reach 10PW

 Johanna Taieb

– Mirror shape maintained even without electrical power
– Excellent optical quality with active flat better than 10 nm rms and minimal print-through effect
– Perfectly adapted to a beam diameters ranging from 20 to 500 mm
– Dielectric, metallic, or hybrid coating available
– Compatible with WaveTune software and every HASO wavefront sensors
– Optional SDK in C, Python, Labview

µDM deformable mirror


Features of µDM deformable mirror for microscopy

  • Fast closed-loop convergence and accurate sensorless correction with perfect linearity and absence of hysteresis
  • Preserved photon budget with achromatic, highly reflective and continuous membrane
  • Long-term stability with temporal drift automatic compensation
  • Large dynamic range with 50% of actuators stroke still available while generating 40 microns PtV of focus
  • Fine timing control with trigger-in and trigger-out features
  • Easy integration with electronics embedded in a single-piece design and connection via a USB3 cable
  • Correction up to 10th Zernike order thanks to optimized actuator layout