Mirao: Electromagnetic deformable mirror

 Miki Iluz

Advantages of Mirao: 

  • Closed-loop precision reaching 7nm RMS
  • Virtually no hysteresis (less than 2%)
  • Nearly perfect linearity (more than 95%)
  • Dust proof & high stabilization options available


Mirao Deformable Mirror incorporates technology using 52 electromagnetic actuators, enough to precisely correct up to 6th order Zernike modes. It also provides a 50μm PV deformation amplitude, making it a useful tool for various bio-imaging, microscopy and ophthalmology applications where you will need to correct large-amplitude aberrations. For use over a long period of time, a high stabilization option is available : Mirao regulated. You can also ask for a dust proof version : Mirao protected


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