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AOKit Bio – Build any AO system for microscopy

 Johanna Taieb

– Wide field
– Confocal
– Multiphoton
– Light sheet
– STED and SIM microscopy, as well as FCS or optical tweezers

– HASO4 First or HASO4 SWIR
– MicAO soft
– Wavekit SDK
– MirAO 52e/52es or any compatible DM or phase modulator

AOKit Bio: Adaptive Optics Kit for Microscopy

 Miki Iluz
Advantages of AOKit Bio:
  • Choose your elements depending on your needs : AO loop can be integrated with different phase modulators, such as deformable mirrors or spatial light modulators (SLM)
  • Doubles the number of detected photons
  • Operate in both closed and open loop mode
  • Save time implementing your AO set-up

Fixed ratio laser beam expanders FEX

 Michael ILUZ

Main features:

  • Divergence adjustment
  • Galilean optical design
  • UVFS optical elements
  • Grease free mechanical design
  • Wide wavelenght adoption – 200 nm to 2 μm


Application examples:

  • Laser materials processing
  • Medical
  • Research



Laser system ML7710

 Bernard Azout

Key Features:

  • CE and ETL mark
  • Comes with regulatory documentation
  • CB tested to US/CA, EU, CH, Japan, SG, China
  • Fast product launches
  • Service and life-cycle support
  • Lowest TCO