Founded in 1999, LASEA produces high-precision micro-machining laser solutions and meets the most demanding requirements for marking, engraving, cutting, drilling, texturing, and thin-film removal.

Specialized in the industry (pharmaceutical, glass, medical devices, watchmaking and other demanding sectors), its machines are installed in many European countries but also in the USA and in Asia.

The headquarters of LASEA is in Belgium, but it is also present in France (Bordeaux), in the USA (San Diego), and in Switzerland (Bienne) through its subsidiaries.

With several application laboratories equipped with many femtosecond lasers, LASEA is able to find and validate the best technical solution, make prototypes and contribute to the industrialization of the developed process.

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LASEA – Ultrafast laser micromaching solutions

 Michael Iluz

Key Features:

  • Cutting and drilling with high speed and without taper
  • Femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond laser machines
  • Up to 7 axes (5 mechanical axes and 2 optical axes)
  • Simultaneous movements of mechanical and optical axes for faster and improved machining results
  • Autofocus
  • Software tailored for industrial processes and compatible with main Enterprises Resource Planning and management software
  • Pallets and plates control by Pick & Place robot
    Industrial vision system for improved manufacturing processes (shape recognition and automatic positioning) as well as automatic quality control of manufactured pieces