LASEA – Ultrafast laser micromaching solutions

 Michael Iluz

Key Features:

  • Cutting and drilling with high speed and without taper
  • Femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond laser machines
  • Up to 7 axes (5 mechanical axes and 2 optical axes)
  • Simultaneous movements of mechanical and optical axes for faster and improved machining results
  • Autofocus
  • Software tailored for industrial processes and compatible with main Enterprises Resource Planning and management software
  • Pallets and plates control by Pick & Place robot
    Industrial vision system for improved manufacturing processes (shape recognition and automatic positioning) as well as automatic quality control of manufactured pieces


LASEA has specialized in automatic machines which use short and ultra-short pulse lasers.

Combining the most innovative equipment with industrial reliability without concession, LASEA supplies the most demanding sectors (medical, pharmaceuticals, luxury watchmaking). LASEA designs and manufactures workstations and special machines to solve applications such as marking, engraving, cutting, drilling, texturing, thin film ablation and micro-welding.

As a pioneer in femtosecond laser machining since 2003, LASEA continually invests in order to stay at the forefront of innovation. With a strong team of experts in optics, mechanical engineering and automation, LASEA develops new technologies and processes for the most complex applications.


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