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Chemical engravings

 Bernard Azout
  • Deep engravings (glasses, metals, crystals)
  • Metal engravings (chrome, aluminum, gold, silver …)
  • From the simplest pattern to the most complex patterns


 Michael Iluz
  • Colored glass filters
  • Neutral sensity (by absorption) filters
  • Circular variable neutral density filters
  • Bandpass (interference) filters


 Michael Iluz
  • Plano-convex spherical lenses
  • Plano-concave spherical lenses
  • Bi-convex spherical lenses
  • Bi-concave spherical lenses
  • Plano-convex cylindrical lenses
  • Plano-concave cylindrical lenses
  • Achromatic lenses
  • Aspherical lenses
  • Axicons (conical lenses)