Mirao 52e

 Johanna Taieb

Mirao 52-e deformable mirrors combines large stroke and optical quality with low power consumption and USB2 connectivity.

Mirao 52-e offers advanced capabilities in term of wavefront correction and is very well suited to applications in microscopy.

Key performances include

  • ±50 µm stroke (tilt p/v)
  • 15mm pupil with 52 actuators
  • exceptional surface quality (10 nm rms active flat)
  • excellent stability over time (>10 nm rms / hour / °C)
  • virtually no hysteresis (<2%)
  • near perfect linearity (>95%)
  • open loop control compatible
  • USB2 connectivity


Mirao is a unique technology that uses electromagnetic energy to deform the mirror’s surface up to ±50 µm (tilt p/v), it outperforms other commercially available mirrors in applications, most notably microscopy, where severe aberrations need to be corrected. Even up to the 6th Zernike order with extreme precision.

In addition to its excellent optical quality, high linearity and lack of hysteresis, the fact that mirao functions with almost any beam wavelength and intensity makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. mirao 52-e’s new, ultra-compact electronic unit connects to your PC via a stand USB2 port, and offers improved temporal performance and stability. What’s more, we’ve added a trigger output to facilitate synchronization with other devices via a TTL signal.

The other major enhancement to the mirao 52-e is an all-new Application Programming Interface (API) that was painstakingly developed to provide easy access to mirao’s powerful wavefront correction abilities. The API includes a complete, timesaving collection of high-level functions so that users can quickly develop feature-rich applications without having to rewrite driver libraries on their own. Thanks to its strict compliance to the ANSI C standards, the API library can be used in a large number of development environments.

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