Tangor UV – high power UV femtosecond laser

 Bernard Azout

Key Features:

  • UV femtosecond pulses 343nm-500fs for the smallest HAZ and clean ablation quality
  • High power and repetition rate to reach the highest productivity
  • High pulse energy for beam splitting utilization
  • Compact and lightweight for ease of integration
  • FemtoTrigTM for improving shape cutting quality



Average Power



Pulse duration


Tangor UV is a state-of-the-art high power UV femtosecond laser, up to 30W-500fs. It combines high repetition rate, up to 2MHz and high UV pulse energy, up to 80µJ.

Thanks to the unique performance of Tangor UV, Amplitude enables you to reach the best balance available on the laser market between cutting quality and throughput.

In addition, femtosecond UV pulses guarantee the best processing flexibility and the fastest way to obtain excellent results, irrespective of the type of optical setup used. Upgrade your OLED manufacturing processes to UV femtosecond to achieve the highest yield and productivity.

Tangor UV is compact and lightweight, making the integration smooth for in-line display equipment.

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