Satsuma – Versatile, full-featured and compact femtosecond laser

 Bernard Azout

Key Features:

  • Air-cooled up to 20 W
  • FemtoBurst™
  • SuperSync Control
  • Optional green, UV and DUV outputs
  • Industrial design for 24/7 operation



Average Power



Pulse duration



Versatile, full-featured and compact femtosecond laser

The Satsuma family of femtosecond laser offers versatility in the most compact aircooled laser platform on the market. Satsuma is a cost-efficient solution providing high
repetition rate and high energy, up to 150 µJ. Versatile and full-featured, Satsuma femtosecond lasers are equipped with: FemtoBurst™ (choose number of pulses, rhythms, time between each pulse from 25
to 100 ns) and SuperSync Control for getting more precise synchronization with a high speed scanning system. Satsuma femtosecond laser is available with green, UV and
deep UV outputs.

With more than 1 500 Satsuma installed around the world, this laser product range is a best-seller. Amplitide’s customers highly appreciate the ease of integration, and its unsurpassed engraving quality.

Satsuma is part of Amplitude’s femtosecond laser range, internationally-recognized as reliable and stable. Their very short pulse widths lead to both the lowest heating effect on the market and the best ablation efficiency, reaching an unparalleled process quality

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