KTA crystal (Potassium Titanyle Arsenate – KTiOAsO4)

 Johanna Taieb

Key Features:

  • Transparent between 0.5μm and 3.5μm
  • High non-linear optical efficiency
  • Broad temperature acceptance


KTA (Potassium Titanyle Arsenate – KTiOAsO4) is an excellent optical non-linear crystal mainly developed for Optical Parametric Oscillation(OPO).

OPO devices based on KTAs are reliable, solid state sources of tuneable laser radiation exhibiting energy conversion efficiencies above 50%. In addition KTA has a very high damage threshold.

While being comparable to KTP in terms of non-linear efficiency and ease of use, the main advantage of KTA material over KTP lies in its significantly reduced absorption in the 3-4 µm range.

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