High temperature / multi-color QCW stacked array

 Bernard Azout

Key Features:

  • QCW operation
  • Up to 400 W QCW per diode bar
  • Hard sodder technology
  • Wavelengths: 795 – 830 nm, 880 nm and 9xx nm
  • Highly efficient over a large operating temperature range (- 40 to 80°)
  • Options for multi-color emission (2 to 5 colors simultaneously)
  • Low thermal resistance assembly
  • Mechanically robust, shock and vibration resistant
  • Collimation on request with a pitch of 400 µm





QD-Q1yzz-B(n), QD-Q1yzz-BS(n) and QD-Q1yzz-G(n) are a variety of conductively cooled laser diode stacked arrays for reliable operation in severe temperature ranges. These stacks can be built with 2 to 25 diode bars of 60 W QCW to 400 W QCW.

The laser diode bar arrays benefit from a fully developed technology, with appropriate designs for improved efficiency and reliable performance at high temperature.

The ability to mix diode bars of different wavelengths provides a broad optical emission spectrum. The performance is ideal for lasers requiring high pumping efficiency in environments that are not temperature controlled.

Using AuSn hard solder technology in a compact and rugged package enable assemblies that allow easy and efficient electrical connections, ideal for a large ranges of defense, aerospace and industrial applications (ex: pumping rods or slabs in solid state lasers with very high thermal conductivity, illuminators, etc.)

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