Tangor – powerful femtosecond laser

 Bernard Azout

Key Features:

  • FemtoBurst™
  • Trigger on demand – FemtoTrig™
  • SuperSync Control
  • Optional green and UV outputs (30 and 100 W)
  • Industrial design for 24/7 operations



Average Power

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Pulse duration


Powerful, full-featured and versatile femtosecond laser

Tangor is a powerful femtosecond laser combining both high repetition rate (going up to 40 MHz and adjustable according to your needs) and high energy per pulse (going up to 1 mJ that can be splitted in several beams according to your production need).

Versatile and full-featured, Tangor femtosecond laser is equipped with: the customization function FemtoBurst™ (choose the number of pulses, their rhythms, time between each pulse between 25 to 100 ns, etc.), the trigger on demand for selecting individual pulses, SuperSync Control for getting more precise synchronization with a high speed scanning system. Tangor femtosecond laser is available with UV output going up to 100 W.

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