QCW stacked array (FAC)

 Bernard Azout

Key Features:

  • QCW operation
  • Low divergence Fast-Axis Collimation from 0.5° to 1.5° at a 400 µm pitch
  • Customized divergence angles available (ex: 5°, 10°)
  • Up to 400 W QCW per diode bar, pitch from 400 µm to 2 mm
  • Wavelengths: 795 – 830 nm, 880 nm and 9xx nm
  • High efficiency
  • Low thermal resistance package
  • Mechanically robust, shock and vibration resistant
  • Approved for space applications





QD-Q1yzz-BO, QD-Q1yzz-BSO and QD-Q1yzz-BSSO are a variety of conductively cooled laser diode stacked arrays designed with a Fast-Axis Collimation lenses (FAC lenses). These lenses are accurately aligned to each diode bar. This allows a divergence reduction in the Fast-Axis to a very low value (8 mrad @ 1/e²).

These stacks can be built with 1 to 25 diode bars, each with up to 400 W QCW per bar.
Available pitches are 400, 500, 800, 1200 and 2000 µm, but specific pitches can be provided upon request.

The quality of the collimated beam is ideal for optical systems with applications requiring very high optical beam densities.
The laser diode bar arrays benefit from a fully developed technology, designed for improved efficiency and reliable operation.

Assembled in a compact and rugged package, the arrays allow for easy assembly ideal for different applications (ex: pumping solid state laser rods or slabs, illuminators, etc.)

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