UNIMIR – Single mode DFB CW QCL laser

 Bernard Azout

Unimir benefits

  • Very tight linewidth that drives the very high sensitivity of gas sensing
  • CW operation delivering mW levels of output power at room temperature
  • Pulsed operation for larger tuning range is a good option because at these long wavelengths, the intrapulse linewidth broadening is relatively small
  • Low power consumption for integration in portable gas analysers
  • Very stable over time with good Allan deviation results when integrated inside a gas analyser





Quantum Cascade Lasers from 10μm to 17μm wavelength for spectroscopy

These lasers are DFB Quantum Cascade lasers (QCL) that emit continuous wave (CW) infrared light at room temperature with wavelengths ranging from 10 microns to 17 microns. The lasers are mounted on a thermoelectric cooler inside a sealed High Heat Load (HHL) package integrating a collimation lens and a thermistor to readout the laser chip temperature.

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