Amplified Lasers (MSA)

 Michael Iluz

Key Features:

  • Wavelength 645nm – 1080nm
  • Output power up to 4W, depending on wavelength
  • High stability wire-cut flexure alignment with simple optimisation procedure
  • User-replaceable TA diode
  • Astigmatic correction lens


The MOGLabs MSA series of amplified lasers provides a compact, robust, stable system with integrated seed laser and tapered amplifier diode to provide up to 4W of optical output.

The design features wire-cut flexure mounts for the input and output coupling lenses, which provide outstanding passive stability as well as easy user-replacement of the TA chip after reaching end-of-life.

A wide range of isolators can be used, including compact isolators with 4mm aperture, through to double-stage isolators with 5mm aperture.

The MSA seeded amplifier uses the unique inherently self-aligned MOGLabs cateye laser with its very low frequency drift and industry-leading passive linewidth.



  • Multiple stage optical isolation
  • Single-mode output fibre coupling
  • Dual beam output (free-space or fibre-coupled)
  • Enhanced ASE suppression using our proprietary ultra-narrow 0.2nm bandpass filter technology
  • Integrated beam-shaping to reduce profile ellipticity

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