Breaking the 1 µm wavelength barrier of Si-based spectrometers

Femto Easy is expanding the range of its popular MISS 2D imaging spectrometers, by introducing new InGaAs-based models to cover the SWIR wavelength range, thus pushing the limit to well over the traditional 1 µm “barrier” of Si-based sensors. Making it the ideal tool for the characterization of spectrally-broadened Ytterbium ultrafast lasers for example.

With the unique feature of the CamSwitch option, easily switch between 2D spectrometer and beam profiler modes, without having to separately purchase another expensive InGaAs SWIR camera dedicated to beam profiling.

2D imaging spectrometers perform a spatially resolved spectral characterization of lasers, which is very helpful for investigation of spatio-spectral couplings such as the spatial chirp usually induced in the compressor stages of ultrafast lasers  or during the amplification stage of broadband spectrum.

All MISS 2D spectrometers are fully designed, manufactured and calibrated in-house, so custom versions can be offered with different :

  • spectral ranges (within 240 – 1700 nm)
  • spectral resolutions (down to 1 nm or less)
  • input beam diameters (up to 12 mm)
  • spatial resolutions (down to a few µm)