QCW linear bar array

 Bernard Azout

Key Features:

  • QCW operation
  • Highly compact design
  • Conductively cooled package (water cooled also available)
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Wavelengths : 795 – 830 nm, 880 nm and 9xx nm
  • Option with FAC lens
  • High temperature option available
  • Mechanically robust as well as shock and vibration resistant





QD-Qxy01-A1, QD-Qxy01-T and QD-Qxy01-H are conductively cooled single laser diode bars operating at high QCW optical power. Bar length is 10 mm with other lengths available (2, 3, 5 mm). The “x” designates the wavelength window and “y” characterizes the optical power up to 400 W QCW. These products are based on efficient and reliable 1 cm linear bar arrays. The design is optimized to allow high performance temperature control.

Operation at high duty cycle and high average optical power is achieved with and “H” package offering low thermal resistance.
An additional Fast-Axis Collimation lens (FAC lens) is available for applications requesting well collimated beams (~8 mrad @ 1/e²).

Both the A1 and T compact and rugged packages ensure simple and easy electrical connection with very low impedance. These features are ideal for high repetition rate systems (designator, photo acoustic applications, etc.).

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