Dual QCW linear stacked array

 Bernard Azout

Key Features:

  • QCW operation
  • Highly compact design
  • Custom multi-stacks design available up to 5 stacks
  • Wavelengths: 795-830 nm, 880 nm and 9xx nm
  • Low thermal resistance assembly
  • Mechanically robust, shock and vibration resistant
  • Approved for defense and space applications



Pulse duration


QD-Q1yzz-L2 is a conductively cooled dual laser diode stacked array designed for very compact arrangement of stacks, each with 1 to 10 diode bars. These stacks are connected in series with very tight spacing between arrays. Other configurations are available (3, 4, 5 stacks).

The laser diode bar arrays benefit from fully developed technology, designed for improved efficiency and reliable operation.

Using AuSn hard solder technology, the assembly has been optimized to reduce thermal resistance. Using Quantel Laser Diode’s proprietary hard solder technology, different diode arrays can be packaged for customer defined heat-sinks. This enables the manufacturing of compact and complex customized pumping heads.

These stacks are ideal for pumping rods or slab solid state lasers for a broad range of aerospace, defense, industrial and space application.

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