Variable beam expanders VEX and reducers VRE

 Michael ILUZ

Main features:

  • Highest beam pointing stability (<0,5 mrad)
  • Fused silica optical elements
  • Grease free mechanical design
  • Sliding lens design
  • Diffraction limited performance for all magnifications


Application examples:

  • Laser micromachining
  • Research


4Lasers introduces variable manual beam expanders VEX series used to increase or decrease the laser beam diameter. Standard or custom-made laser beam expanders for the UV, visible, and NIR spectral ranges feature a unique mechanical sliding-lens design, ensuring high pointing stability and minimal dimensions.

These variable magnification (zoom) beam expanders are designed for the required wavelength and each type of our beam expanders have divergence adjustability.

All-optical elements of beam expanders are made of fused silica with high LIDT coatings and provide stable and reliable performance even when using them with high power lasers. Large input and output apertures allow the optical beam expanders to produce diffraction-limited expanded (or reduced) beams for a wide range of input beams.

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