ROC Single-Shot Autocorrelator

 Michael Iluz

Key Features:

  • Ultra compact
  • Installation and measurement in less than 2 minutes! No calibration necessary
  • Suitable for any repetition rate
  • Single-pulse extraction possible up to 150 kHz laser repetition rate (with Enhanced detection option)
  • User-friendly and powerful software (STAR : Software Technology for Acquisition and Retrieval)
  • Input pulse energy from few pJ to few mJ
  • Acceptable average power up to 3.5 W
  • Pulse measurement from 5 fs to 10 ps
  • Broad available spectral range



Autocorrelators are used to measure pulse duration. The basic principle is to create two copies of the incoming beam, with a beam splitter. Those copies are superimposed in a nonlinear medium, where they interact generating a third beam. As the overlap of the two copies depends on the pulse duration, analysing the third beam allows to calculate the pulse duration.

The ROC autocorrelator is a single-shot autocorrelator, thus it needs one single pulse to measure the duration. It is very compact and extremly easy to use. Only two minutes are necessary to get the measurement !

ROC stands for Row Optical Correlator. Based on an ultra compact and robust inline setup, the ROC allows the measurement of single-shot autocorrelation traces. Specifically designed to offer the easiest user experience, they cannot be misaligned and no calibration or tweaking is needed. Also, they are easily transportable. And yes, they are rock-solid! Besides those advantages, the ROC autocorrelators provide excellent technical performances and highly accurate measurements. The ROC autocorrelators are available for different wavelength ranges and several pulse durations.

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