LRF 1550 MR

 Johanna Taieb

Key Features:

  • 1550 nm Fiber laser
  • 15 km NATO Detection rang
  • 20 Hz Measurement rate
  • < 1 m Range accuracy


The LRF 1550 MR is a compact OEM Fiber Laser Rangefinder designed for medium and long distance measurements to static or moving targets in dynamic environments.

It is the Sensup’s most powerful rangefinder yet boasts an extinction ratio of 43 dB1, allowing for accurate real-time measurements at medium to long range with a low-power class 1 eyesafe laser.

It is the ideal system which fits the Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) requirements to be easily integrated into Land, Airland and Naval EO Surveillance and Fire Control solutions.

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