HASO Multispectral – VIS-NIR spectrally-resolved wavefront sensor

 Johanna Taieb


Thousands of measurement points in the beam
Can accomodate near-field and far-field measurement
Spatio-spectral couplings measurements : angular dispersion, spectral focal shift, etc
Lightweight laptop-friendly software
SpotTracker auto-align technology


550 – 1000 nm spectral range
Very high spectral and spatial resolution
1Hz repetition rate, for standard [750-850] nm spectral range with 1nm resolution
Input beam : Collimated (default) – Any F/# (optional)


Physicists, laserists, and laser systems designers
Compressors alignment
Spatio-spectral couplings understanding and control
Characterization of compressed beam down to 5fs
Broadband systems alignment


A very accurate, fast and versatile instrument, the HASO Multispectral is the first-ever spectrally-resolved wavefront sensor. Its wide spectral range coupled to the powerful HASO4-Broadband enables full characterization of TW/PW lasers’ performances, and optimization of the peak intensity on target. The HASO Multispectral builds on 25 years of expertise at Imagine Optic in providing high-end Shack-Hartmann sensors for metrology, adaptive optics and lasers.

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