Flat top converter FTC

 Michael ILUZ

Main features: 

  • Quick change between Gaussian and Flat-top beam
  • The beam profile remains Flat-Top shape along optical axis
  • Integrated controller
  • Designed according your laser specs
  • Clear aperture up to 15 mm
  • Quick switching time – 0.2 sec
  • High damage threshold up to 10J/cm2 (10 ns @ 1064 nm)
  • Conversion efficiency up to 70% (while on Flat-Top mode)

Application examples: 

  • Precise laser micromachining
  • Life sciences
  • Research


Flat top converter unit is all in one motorised solution for a Gaussian beam transformation to a Flat-Top (Top Hat) beam. Any focusing element is needed. The beam profile remains Flat-Top shape along optical axis. The device consist of quartz wave-plate, space-variant wave-plate and a high contrast polariser. The FTC is produced in the UV, visible and NIR spectral ranges, from 250 nm to 2000 nm.

All optical components of the FTC are made for high LIDT and provide stable and reliable performance even using them with high power lasers in industrial applications.

A secondary laser beam from Flat top converter unit can be rejected to an external beam dump. The beam dump is used for avoiding any thermal effects or stress in the housing of the FTC device.


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