• Complete, pre-configured safe PIV systems
  • Delivered with flow loop
  • USB based high resolution 2MP cameras offering 165fps
  • No Synchronizer needed
  • Great educational software

he EduPIV system includes

  • A flow loop producing steady, periodic or pulsed jet flow
  • Seeding particles
  • FlowSense USB camera, 2 MP resolution, 165 frames per second at full resolution
  • Eye-safe LED illumination and light sheet optics
  • DynamicStudio EduPIV software

The EduStereoPIV upgrade includes

  • A second camera, needed for stereo PIV.
  • Scheimpflug mounts that maintain the field of view by keeping the lens in position whilst tilting the camera
  • Bright 35mm f2.0 full format lenses
  • Simple double layer, double sided target for automated calibrations
  • The Stereo PIV software add-on


The EduPIV line offers a safe and affordable turnkey solution for introducing students to planar PIV and Stereo PIV techniques. These systems utilize eye-safe LED illumination which is easy to operate while combining excellent reliability and performance.

Complete with all necessary hardware and software, the EduPIV systems enable you to carry out table-top PIV and Stereo PIV flow experiments and, or demonstrations without the need for any additional equipment.

For data acquisition, image processing, and flow analysis, the systems come with our DynamicStudio EduPIV software to provide students with all the latest tools available for advanced PIV processing.

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