500 A -100 V pulsed power supply for QCW diodes

 Bernard Azout

Key Features:

  • Reliable – Industrial grade components
  • Universal AC input: 115-230 VAC / 50-60 Hz
  • Diode voltage: 0 to 100 V
  • Floating outputs
  • 2 channels option, independent (2×500 A) or paralleled (1×1000 A)
  • High efficiency: 80% typical from AC input
  • Output overvoltage, overcurrent, short-circuit & open circuit protection
  • Touch screen functions: pulse parameters, protection level settings, measurement & error readings
  • Communication interface: all settings and measures available through I2C, SPI, CAN or Ethernet


The power supply generates current pulses (QCW mode) that can be set between 0 and 500 A, with adjustable pulse width from 20 µs to 3 ms, and an average power (peak power by duty cycle) of up to 1000 W. It is packaged in a self-cooled 3U rack, with a user-friendly front-panel touch-screen interface.
This power supply is suited for powering High Power Laser Diodes in a very versatile way, offering several control options, such as internal or external trigger, pulse duration, single shot to any repetition frequency rate.
It also displays applied pulse characteristics: current, voltage and pulse duration. All commands, controls data and pulse measurements are also available through the digital communication bus (I2C, SPI, CAN) or Ethernet (as an option).
The power supply also features all necessary protections to ensure the safety of the laser diodes (and driver) against overcurrent, overvoltage, short and open circuits, and over temperature. All the parameters are user-adjustable.
A second independent channel is offered as an option and can be used either independently or in parallel with the 2nd channel for higher operational current (with the ability to drive diodes up to 1000 A under 100 V).

Custom designs can also be developed

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