Michael Iluz

Key Features:

  • Ultra compact, and non sensitive to alignment, can be used as a simple camera
  • Robust design, no moving parts. Non sensitive to vibrations
  • Directly powered by the USB cable, no power supply required
  • Suitable for any repetition rate. Single-pulse extraction possible up to 100 kHz
    laser repetition rate (with Trigger option)
  • User-friendly and powerful software. REST API for standard software integration
    using simple HTTP requests


ROC stands for Row Optical Correlator. Based on an ultra compact and robust inline setup, the μ-ROC takes the ROC concepts to its limit for the measurement of single-shot autocorrelation traces in the smallest housing footprint ever. Based on the latest patented design from Femto Easy, leveraging several years of experience in the single-shot ultrafast instrumentation, the μ-ROC is specifically designed for OEM direct integration into laser heads or laser systems.