Our supplier Zurich Instruments in collaboration with Fluigent organized the webinar Fast Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy for Characterization and Counting on March 11th, 2021.

2020 witnessed an increased interest in single-cell research and characterization methods. Electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) is a technique that guarantees fast throughput and label-free sensing, so that it can be used to characterize the electrical properties, the size or the morphology of cells in microfluidic devices. Zurich Instruments and Fluigent have drawn on their domains of expertise to propose a complete solution for EIS in microfluidics.

In this webinar, Meng Li and Bruno Charléty (Fluigent) present an EIS system consisting of a lock-in amplifier and microfluidic flow controllers, and put it to work on the detection of microbeads and water-in-oil droplets.

If you wish to register: https://www.zhinst.com/europe/en/resources/webinars