Economical sub-picometre laser wavemeter MWM

 Miki Iluz

Key Features:

  • Accuracy ±0.001nm (1)
  • Spectral resolution 0.02nm
  • Wavelength readout resolution 100MHz (0.1pm)
  • Any wavelength from 350nm to 1100nm available (2)
  • Picowatt input sensitivity (3)
  • Instantly identifies multimode input
  • Rapid readout (4)
  • CW or pulsed laser input
  • PID feedback laser wavelength stabilisation (5)
  • Ethernet and USB included as standard
  • Compact, 165 x 85 x 70 mm
  • Self-contained, built-in display, can run from battery


A compact laser wavelength measurement device, with on-unit display, and ethernet/USB connectivity standard. Our device clearly reveals multimode laser operation, making it particularly suitable for use with external cavity diode lasers and atom cooling and trapping experiments.


Sample of spectrum for an external cavity diode laser operating in multiple longitudinal modes of the semiconductor diode cavity. Inset detail shows clear separation of the two diode modes.

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