Michael Iluz

Key Features:

  • Plug and play interchangeable harmonic modules to 213nm
  • Twin-rod architecture for high beam homogeneity
  • Intelligent motorised auto-tuning of harmonics
  • Auto-stabilisation for ‘set and forget’ operation
  • Integrated motorised attenuator
  • Easy connections and fast start up
  • High energy and high repetition rate models
  • Super Gaussian, stable and stable-telescopic resonator options
  • LUCi touchscreen or PC control interface
  • Rugged industrial design



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Average Power

Pulse duration



The TRLi Series – True flexibility and advanced automated control features allow you to concentrate on your application and not operating the laser.

The TRLi Series offers energies up to 850mJ and repetition rates up to 300Hz. This series offers a fully birefringence compensated pulsed laser systems with both high energy and high repetition rate outputs. Its twin-rod architecture ensures high beam homogeneity even at very high average power outputs. The TRLi is designed to suit demanding industrial applications with a sealed laser head machined from solid aluminium, ultra stable mirror mounts and industry-leading lamp lifetimes. Resonator options include unstable Gaussian-coupled, stable, and stable-telescopic configurations, allowing for a multitude of applications.

Harmonic wavelengths are realised by bolt-on modules with auto-tuning capability that can be added or removed as required. Power supplies for the range include state-of-the-art IGBT switching into the flashlamp, giving increased efficiency and stability as well as significantly prolonging lamp life due to the much lower currents.

Intelligent laser head technology allows for easy head and power supply swapping as well as optional full auto-tracking of harmonic wavelengths. Auto-tracking continuously monitors the harmonic output energy and actively controls the phase-matching angle of the crystal to ensure that maximum conversion efficiency and therefore output is always achieved. This is most useful for the fourth and fifth harmonics where crystal absorption at the harmonic wavelength leads to self heating of the crystal.

Control via the LUCi touch screen controller gives the user a simple and intuitive interface with full access to all system controls and information.

They are sealed to IP54 against the ingress of moisture and dirt and extremely field rugged.

Many systems are fully air cooled and require no external services except a mains electrical input.