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 Johanna Taieb

The first mechanical deformable mirror dedicated to ultra intense lasers that can perform adaptive optics correction during full power operation.

ILAO Star is new Imagine Optic’s deformable mirror designed to meet the stringent demands of intense laser users for small to large beam diameters.

  • Perfectly adapted to a beam diameter from 20mm to 500mm
  • Optimized design for your laser beam
  • Dielectric, metallic, or hybrid coating available
  • Replaceable reflective surface and actuator’s motors
  • Excellent optical quality with active flat better than 10 nm RMS and minimal print through effect
  • Large correction capability
  • Mirror shape maintained even without electrical power
  • Compatible with WaveTune software and HASO wavefront sensor

Mirao 52e

 Johanna Taieb

Mirao 52-e deformable mirrors combines large stroke and optical quality with low power consumption and USB2 connectivity.

Mirao 52-e offers advanced capabilities in term of wavefront correction and is very well suited to applications in microscopy.

Key performances include

  • ±50 µm stroke (tilt p/v)
  • 15mm pupil with 52 actuators
  • exceptional surface quality (10 nm rms active flat)
  • excellent stability over time (>10 nm rms / hour / °C)
  • virtually no hysteresis (<2%)
  • near perfect linearity (>95%)
  • open loop control compatible
  • USB2 connectivity