The MOGLabs FZW is a compact wavelength measurement device providing reliably accurate measurements over a wide range of wavelengths (350-1120nm) without recalibration

  • Operates over 350 – 1120nm without recalibration
  • 3-sigma uncertainty of 600MHz (for 400 – 1100nm); typical measurement accuracy < 200MHz
  • Standalone operation: runs from USB or DC jack, no computer required!
  • Simple computer interface over Ethernet/USB
  • Easy integration using simple text commands e.g. LabVIEW, python and MATLAB
  • Fully featured software suite
  • Analogue output for either wavelength monitoring or laser frequency stabilisation using built-in tuneable PID
  • Small form factor 120mm x 146mm x 81mm (DxWxH)
  • Optional 4×1 and 8×1 fibre switchers with per-channel analogue PID locking outpu

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