Cailabs announced the expansion of its TILBA range with the launch of TILBA-ATMO, the first fully integrated atmospheric turbulence compensation module.

The TILBA range was designed make laser communications in free space simpler and more reliable. It has now been expanded with the first fully integrated atmospheric turbulence compensation module. TILBA-ATMO optimizes satellite and ground optical links with its simple yet robust high-performance solution.

High-performance, because it leverages Cailabs’ Multi-Plane Light Conversion (MPLC) spatial demultiplexing technology coupled with an ultrafast photonic recombiner to analyze and correct the disturbed beam in real time. TILBA-ATMO simplifies the architecture for medium throughput and opens the way for very high throughput laser systems.

Simple, because the entire module is integrated and compatible with existing equipment. The free space input and unique single-mode fiber output enables TILBA-ATMO to provide a perfect link between the collection telescope and standard telecom equipment.
Robust, because it is mechanically passive. TILBA-ATMO offers adaptive optics performance and compensates for atmospheric phenomena above the 1 kHz threshold without any moving parts