The i-SPEED 203 camera will replace the current i-SPEED 230.  It uses the same sensor (1280 x 864 at 2,500fps) but has many more features:

  • Control by i-SPEED Control
  • GenICam compliance
  • ProAnalyst motion analysis software bundle
  • Synchronize with the i-SPEED 5 and i-SPEED 7 cameras

The 203 is an excellent “value” camera – for those customers who may be new to high-speed video or those who have relatively modest requirements for speed or resolution.

The new 203 is the first of a new generation cameras from iX.

The biggest change for the camera is that it can be controlled using the same i-SPEED Control software as the i-SPEED 5 and i-SPEED 7 cameras.  This is a HUGE win for us because the 203 can now also be controlled (and Synchronized) alongside i-SPEED 5 and i-SPEED 7 cameras on the same network. Bringing i-SPEED 203 into the i-SPEED Software Suite upgrades the interface and opens up all of the features of the software.

To new more about the i-SPEED 2 cameras