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SISTEMI DI SCANSIONEHigh-performance Galvanometers Scanning modules    









We represent El.En S.p.a. Over 20 years of experience in the application of remote laser have allowed El.En. to develop systems of high-performance galvanometer scanning for its CO2 laser sources, suitable to power fiber lasers. Initially designed and consistently improved for its internal use, El.En. offers its well-tested solutions to the market, offering the all-embracing experience coming from years of direct experience in the field.



Main products:





GIOSCAN 1735-1770HR





GioScan is 3 axes galvo-scanning systems designed for advanced CO2 laser applications.


GioScan availble in two models:


GioScan 1735 that is the standard model. it's equipped with digital control driver and beryllium monolithic mirrors, for high performance, thus dominating the market in terms of quality, dependability and efficiency. The GioScan 1735 is availble with different work areas, and therefore spot-sizes ranging from 135x135 to 800x800mm. The GioScan 1735 is the most versatile and compact solution for etching and engraving applications with power up to 500W.


GioScan 1770 is availble only with top-of-the line set-ups: equipped with digital drivers and beryllium mirrors, it can focus on the tiniest spot even on very lage working areas, up to 2300x2300mm.

it can also manage CO2 laser power up to 2500w, for heavier work on marble, granite, etc. Sectioning wood, cutting cardboard for packaging, writing on paper, decorating fabric, soldering platic films, heating, evaporating, cleaning marble: these are just a few instances of GioScan 1770 potential uses.










The latest model for completely different uses, SCANFIBER is the compact and economic solution for soldering and heat treatments on metal, using 1070nm wave length fiber lasers. SCANFIBER is available in different optic set ups, with working spaces ranging from 150x150mm to 400x400mm. Special high-frequency wobbling techniques allow the SCANFIBER to obtain effective welding seams with no need for higher power. This scanning head is compatible with the main fiber lasers on the market with power up to 3000W 



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Galvanometers series


El.En produces advanced Z-Linear optics and galvanometer mirrors for a great number of laser scanning applications.







This is the smallest size of Elen's series of high-speed mirror galvanometers. This mirror is used to deflect laser beam on the X and Y axis. It is ideal for low-power laser applications with very small laser beam diameter.







Within the entire family of mirror galvanometers, the G1432 is a medium-sized solution for low-power CO2 laser applications.

This galvanometer is installed inside our laser scanning system where, coupled with an El.En. z-linear optic, can provide a focused beam of great quality.




DSC 0150


The G2860 is the biggest size available for the low-power CO2 laser applications. Coupled with a z-linear optic, it will always keep the laser focused on the right spot in laser machining application.






For bigger laser beams, typical of high-peak power applications, El.En. has designed two galvanometer mirrors. The G3060 model is suitable for laser beam diameters ranging from 25 to 50 mm.




G4080 X Y


The G4080 model is the largest in size produced by El.En.

Its dimensions make it suitable for high-peak CO2 laser material processing applications with laser beam diameters between 50 and 100 mm.






The job of z-linear optics is to keep the laser beam always focused on the processing zone. Equipped with a linear motor and completely controlled by a computer, its lens measures 3/4".






DSC 0190


With a lens of 1 inch this optic can keep focused even the largest and powerful CO2 laser beams. The motor of this device will move at high speed on the z-axis, to ensure the best quality to your laser processing applications.



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