Solid State Lasers


 A wide range of Diode Pumped and Lamp Pumped solid state lasers


It includes; Pulsed Nd:YAG and Nd:YLF lasers, Tunable OPO Sources, Active Q-Switched  DPSS, High Peak Power DPSS, Single Frequency DPSS Lasers, OEM Disk Lasers, Low noise DPSS, IR/Green/Blue/Yellow CW DPSS.







lcd-semi-colPulsed Nd:YAG and Nd:YLF lasers

Our company is the exclusive representative of Litron Lasers, a manufacturer of pulsed and CW Nd:YAG and Nd:YLF lasers. All its lasers are designed and manufactured by Litron in Rugby, England.








Litron Lasers Main Product Groups

Compact LasersUltra Compact Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers

A family of compact and rugged Q-switched lasers suited to a multitude of applications including mask repair, LIBS, LIDAR, PIV, pump sources and spectroscopy. Gaussian-coupled resonators and TEM00 options are also available.

Nano S 130mJ at 1064nm, up to 50Hz
Nano L 320mJ at 1064nm, up to 100Hz
Nano T 290mJ at 1064nm, up to 50Hz

High Energy Compact Pulsed
Nd:YAG Lasers

Gaussian-coupled resonators and TEM00 options are also available.

TRL Series 850mJ at 1064nm, up to 200Hz
All harmonics available

Nano DP laserDiode Pumped Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers

A range of high peak power, high repetition frequency Q-switched pulsed diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers.

Nano DP 80mJ at 1064nm, 100Hz, 40mJ at 1064nm, 200Hz
Nano DP TR 120mJ at 1064nm, 100Hz, 80mJ at 1064nm, 200Hz

High Energy LasersHigh and Ultra High Energy Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers

Rugged, invar stabilised, pulsed Nd:YAG lasers with high energy and high performance for industrial and scientific applications. Range includes trueTEM00and injection seeded options.

LPY 600 1J at 1064nm, up to 20Hz
LPY700 2J at 1064nm, up to 200Hz
LPY7000 3.5J at 1064nm, up to 50Hz
All harmonics available

LPY10J 10J at 1064nm, 5J at 532nm 5Hz



altDiode Pumped CW Q-switched Nd:YLF Lasers

High frequency and high pulse energy lasers at 527nm for Ti:S pumping and imaging applications.

LDY350 30mJ at 527nm, 1kHz.

PIV LasersCompact, High Energy and High Frequency Lasers for PIV

An extensive range of dual head flashlamp pumped and diode pumped PIV lasers with optional 3rd and 4th harmonics available.

Nano S PIV 65mJ at 532nm, up to 30Hz
Nano L PIV 200mJ at 532nm, up to 100Hz
Nano T PIV 180mJ at 532nm, up to 15Hz
Nano TRL PIV 425mJ at 532nm, up to 15Hz

Bernoulli PIV 200mJ at 532nm, up to 25Hz
Ultra rugged design

LPY PIV 425mJ at 532nm, up to 200Hz

LDY300 PIV 30mJ at 532nm, up to 20kHz
All energies shown are per laser head


Custom LasersTotal Custom Build Lasers

Litron's flexible approach and expertise in laser design means custom lasers are a natural part our production.

Custom Products

Other Products

Litron’s photodiode energy monitors have been designed to facilitate the easy and accurate measurement of pulsed laser output energy and to allow detailed performance monitoring of laser systems.

Energy Monitors






Tunable Pulsed Laser System

Aurora II Integra OPO - An innovative, fully motorised, type II BBO OPO and Nd:YAG pump laser integrated into a single system.

• Tuning range 400-710nm and 710nm to 2.3µm
• UV harmonic option for 205-419nm
• Linewidth < 3cm-1


The Aurora II Integra range of type II BBO OPOs has been designed with reliability, stability and ease of use in mind. This allows researchers to concentrate on their experiments and industrial system integrators the peace of mind that their process will be consistent and robust. With a wide choice of integrated and optimised Nd:YAG pump lasers from 10Hz to 200Hz these are truly flexible systems.

VideoSee the Aurora II in action video here...> 
VideoSee the full performance animation...>

Aaurora II Integra OPO coloursKey Features
  • Tuning range 400-710nm and 710nm to 2.3µm
  • UV harmonic option for 205-419nm
  • Linewidth <3cm-1
  • Fully integrated pump laser and OPO
  • Motorised OPO tuning with optional closed loop wavelength feedback
  • OPO optical compensation and 1064nm variable optical attenuator
  • 355nm process shutter with energy monitoring as standard
  • Full PC control via RS232
Options Include
  • Motorised and closed loop automatic tuning of pump laser harmonics
  • Auto-stabilisation of pump energy including power supply control
  • Automated no gap output tuning from 205nm to 2.3µm

Aurora II Integra Optical layout

Aurora II-532 Integra option is also available. See the details here.

Click here for the Aurora II Integra brochure.


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sol4Q-Switched Diode Pumped Solid-State Lasers

LAS Photonics represents Bright Solutions Srl, a leading developer/manufacturer of innovative industrial, medical, military & scientific picosecond and nanosecond DPSS lasers, as well as state-of-the-art high brightness diode lasers.

Most of the supplier products are air cooled, compact and very affordable. Around thousands of units in the field, with a high percentage of those in 24/7 manufacturing facilities! DPSS laser wavelengths include 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, 266nm, 1572nm and 3300nm. The main products of Bright Solutions, based on proprietary technology, are: diode-pumped multi-kHz Q-switched solid-state lasers (up to 40 W output power), short-pulse (down to 100ps).







Standard product line:


testata_sol_sDPSS LASERS
Compact Q-Switched DPSS  Laser

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teta_luce_s copyDPSS LASERS
Q-Switched  Diode Pumped Solid State Laser

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wedge_headDPSS LASERS
Short Pulse Q-Switched DPSS Laser

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ns Q-Switched DPSS laser

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Uniklasers Single Frequency CW DPSS Laser Green Blue


We represent UniKLasers a manufacturer of a wide range of high performance Continuous Wave Single Frequency DPSS lasers from deep UV to NIR.  Ther products have excellent output beam parameters and performance characteristics.

Due to BRaMMS technology all our CW solid state lasers have the following parameters*:

  • - Linewidth
  • - Coherence length >100 m
  • - Beam quality M2<1.05
  • - Beam pointing stability
  • - Power stability 2 %, ±5 °C, 4 hours
  • - Noise 0.1 % rms, 10 Hz-10 MHz
Wavelengths (nm) 266, 320, 349, 355, 360 442, 515, 523, 532, 607, 640, 698 720, 780, 813, 1064, 1125
Power Options (mW) <200 <2000 <3000
Spectral position stability (pm, ±5°C, 4 hours) 0.65 1.1 2.5
Mode-hop free tuning range (GHz) 40-50 30-50 25-30
 Links to products UV specs Visible specs NIR specs

*All values quoted are highest or lowest in the range


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