Photomultipler Tubes


A wide range of photomultipliers tubes with diameters from 19mm to 200mm, spectral range of 110- 900nm, signal level of a few photons/s to around 50Mphotons/s in counting mode or high levels in analogue mode.  




LAS Photonics represents Electron Tubes Enterprises.


ET Enterprises Limited started in May 2007 and took over the photomultiplier tubes and accessories business of Electron Tubes Limited and will continue to manufacture, supply and develop the Electron Tubes brand product range.ET Enterprises can offer replacements for many Photonis and Burles types, as well as technical and application support.


The photomultiplier is an extremely sensitive light detector providing a current output proportional to light intensity. Photomultipliers are used to measure any process which directly or indirectly emits light. Large area light detection, high gain and the ability to detect single photons give the photomultiplier distinct advantages over other light detectors.




For more detailed information, download our brochure "Understanding photomultipliers" from here.


We offer a wide range of PMTs, housing, modular signal processing electronics and complete photon counting systems across varying applications such as:Medical Imaging, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Pollution Monitoring, High Energy Physics, Electron Microscopy, Astrophysics.


Unique expertise and the latest technology



- For operation at high and low temperature
- For harsh environments
- Spectral ranges from the vacuum-UV to near infra-red
- Photon counting from a few photon/s to >50M photon/s. Higher light levels in pulsed and DC mode.
- Effective detection sizes from 2.5mm diameter to almost 200mm diameter
- Gains from 10^3 to 10^9
- Adjustable multiplier gains

Associated  hardware

- Sockets and shields
- Voltage dividers
- Ready-to-use, demountable light-tight housings
- Bench top high voltage power supplies
- Digital and analogue electronic signal processing modules and systems
- Photon counting systems


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