At Covesion they are constantly exploring avenues for new product development and pursuing novel areas of application for our PPLN waveguides.

Their current range of MgO:PPLN waveguides, have been available in chip and ruggedized packaged formats, which has allowed you to use our great conversion efficiency to produce a range of power levels at 780nm using affordable, readily available pump sources.

Complimentary to their current portfolio they launched their new Component Waveguide range. These products are designed for researchers and OEM’s who require reliable output power from a few mW to over 2W:

Fibre-coupled (input and output) component waveguide

Fibre in free-space out waveguide

Ruggedised Packaged Waveguide

The new range is also fully compatible with our OC2 and OC3 temperature controllers. The Component Waveguides are available in fibre in/fibre out and fibre in/free space out formats at 1560 nm pump. Further pump wavelengths to be introduced in the coming months.

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